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Stevedore Damage Clause for Time Charter Parties 2008

(a) The Charterers shall be responsible for damage (fair wear and tear excepted) to any part of the Vessel caused by Stevedores. The Charterers shall be liable for all costs for repairing such damage and for any time lost. 

(b) The Master or the Owners shall notify the Charterers or their agents and the Stevedores of any damage as soon as reasonably possible, failing which the Charterers shall not be responsible. 

(c) Stevedore damage affecting seaworthiness shall be repaired without any delay before the Vessel sails from the port where such damage was caused or discovered. Stevedore damage affecting the Vessel’s trading capabilities shall be repaired prior to redelivery, failing which the Charterers shall be liable for resulting losses. All other damage which is not repaired prior to redelivery shall be repaired by the Owners and settled by the Charterers on receipt of Owners’ supported invoice. 

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