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Shifting and Warping

When the berth where the vessel is to load or discharge is not available upon her arrival at or off loading or discharging port, shifting expenses from anchorage or waiting berth shall be for Owners’ account and shifting time used shall not count. 

If Charterers have the option of loading/discharging the Vessel at two or more berths, shifting expenses (including those incurred when intervening waiting berth(s) are used between two loading of discharging berths) shall be for Charterers’ account and shifting time shall count. 

Vessel shall be warped as required. Such warping shall be for Owners’ account and time shall count. 

Overtime so payable to officers and crew and bunkers so consumed shall be for Owners’ account. 

Note: When negotiating this clause, make sure that it will not conflict with any stipulation in the charterparty regarding the waiting time. 

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