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Pig Iron Protective Clause
a) Charterers undertake to use holds as few as possible provided vessel’s stability and
strength permit.
b) Charterers undertake that loading of first layer of pig iron not to be released until
touching tank top and not to be dumped/dropped during loading so as to provide a cushion
flooring for the balance of cargo to Master’s reasonable satisfaction.
c) Prior to loading, Charterers undertake to supply onboard, at their expense, dunnage
and/or other materials to provide safe protection from damage by loading pig iron as
reasonably requested by Master.
d) If any dispute arises between Charterers/Master Owners/Charterers should appoint an
independent surveyor jointly and his decision should be final.
e) In case during en-route to discharging port, cargo was found to have shifted which
may affect the seaworthiness or safety of the vessel, Owners have right to call at nearest port
for necessary cargo trim at Charterers time and expense. Vessel shall not be placed off-hire
Notwithstanding whether agreed herein, Charterers to remain ultimately responsible for any
damage caused to tank tops and/or vessel resulting from loading pig iron.
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