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Petcoke Protecting Clause
a) Petroleum coke mentioned herein is only limited to the type of non- hazardous, nondangerous
type and/or calcined and or green delayed type and metallurgical type.
b) If Charterers exercise such option, Charterers undertake to use holds as less as
possible, provided vessel’s stability/trim and stress permit and provided commercially
c) Such cargo to be loaded, stowed, trimmed, discharged strictly in accordance to latest
IMO and/or any other latest regulations/rules applicable to such cargo.
d) Should any additional/special wash down of holds hold block before loading be
reasonably recommended/proposed/required by the Master, Charterers undertake to
arrange the same at their time expense.
e) After discharge Charterers to arrange at their expense/time of any additional/special
wash down of holds carrying such cargo by chemical as Master reasonably considers
it necessary. Charterers are allowed to use ship’s crew to perform cleaning and holds
coating touch up as necessary against US$1,500.00 per hold used lumpsum besides
normal intermediate holds cleaning and holds coating touch up, but always provided
local regulations permit and all time so used to be for Charterers’ account Charterers
to provide fresh water for cleaning holds.
Any directly related extra expenses resulting therefrom/incurred thereby (such as hold
cleaning, holds coating touch up to Master’s satisfaction/hold survey etc.) and/or any
detention through any of above causes to be for Charterers’ account.
(g) Petcoke not to be last cargo prior redelivery.

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