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Nickel Ore Protective Clause
In case of loading Nickel Ore, Charterers to provide for Master’s satisfaction, a new / recently
provided cargo’s TML (Transportable Moisture Limit) and FMP (Flow Moisture Point)
certificates which shall be prepared by a mutually agreed independent surveyor. The
certificate provided only by Shipper is not acceptable.
However, for Indonesia/Philippines nickel ore cargo, Charterers do not need to get a
certificate from an independent surveyor but Charterers own port captain will work with the
vessel’s master to test every barge in order to check TML. Any barge which fails their test
(captain and port captain) will be sent away.
The liberty granted to Charterers herein is subject to Charterers’ guarantee that the above
mentioned commodities will be not carried in consecutive shipments/voyages. Owners have
right to withdraw the liberty granted to Charterers herein in case of any breach of above by
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