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Ice Clause for Time Charter Parties

(a) The Vessel shall not be obliged to force ice but, subject to the Owners’ prior approval having due regard to its size, construction and class, may follow ice-breakers.

(b) The Vessel shall not be required to enter or remain in any icebound port or area, nor any port or area where lights, lightships, markers or buoys have been or are about to be withdrawn by reason of ice, nor where on account of ice there is, in the Master’s sole discretion, a risk that, in the ordinary course of events, the Vessel will not be able safely to enter and remain at the port or area or to depart after completion of loading or discharging. If, on account of ice, the Master in his sole discretion considers it unsafe to proceed to, enter or remain at the place of loading or discharging for fear of the Vessel being frozen in and/or damaged, he shall be at liberty to sail to the nearest ice-free and safe place and there await the Charterers’ instructions.

(c) Any delay or deviation caused by or resulting from ice shall be for the Charterers’ account and the Vessel shall remain on-hire.

(d) Any additional premiums and/or calls required by the Vessel’s underwriters due to the Vessel entering or remaining in any icebound port or area, shall be for the Charterers’ account.

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