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Cancelling Clause 2002 (Code Name: CANCELCON 2002)

(a)  Should the Vessel not be ready to load (whether in berth or not) on the agreed cancelling date, the Charterers shall have the option of cancelling this Charter Party.

(b)  Should the Owners anticipate that, despite the exercise of due diligence, the Vessel will not be ready to load by the cancelling date, they shall notify the Charterers thereof without delay stating the expected date of the Vessel’s readiness to load and asking whether the Charterers will exercise their option of cancelling the Charter Party, or agree to a new cancelling date.

Such option must be declared by the Charterers within 48 running hours after the receipt of the Owners’ notice.  If the Charterers do not exercise their option of cancelling, then this Charter Party shall be deemed to be amended such that the seventh day after the new readiness date stated in the Owners’ notification to the Charterers shall be the new cancelling date.

The provisions of sub-clause (b) of this Clause shall operate only once, and in case of the Vessel’s further delay, the Charterers shall have the option of cancelling the Charter Party as per sub-clause (a) of this Clause.

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